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Classic Bingo
Make the Game, Simple, fast and more exciting with the Classic Bingo. (Also for Keno)
For one-man operation!
How it works?  - You choose the number of the balls you need for the game you want to play. This will be 1-75 for bingo and 1-90 for keno .The colored balls will be thrown into the illuminated inner tray. Then you switch on the blower motor and the balls will start to dance. One by one they will shoot up through the transparent pipe. On both sides of each ball the number is printed. You take the ball out of the opening and read the number aloud. Then you put it in its own numbered place on the top tray, before you will have finished, the next ball will already be at the opening. Once the game is finished, you pop all balls back into the inner tray with one simple movement of the hand, and you’re ready to play the next round!
Our Price £850 + VAT + Delivery

bingo blower 3000
Bingo Blower 3000
Professional and spectacular bingo machine
Fast moving, air blown balls
Includes 90 coloured alphanumerical twice-numbered balls
large bingo balls and control board
Size : 83 x 60 x 110 cm
Weight : 36 kg
Mains supply : 220 V 4 wheels an option
Our Price £POA
Micron 2000
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Micron 2000
An affordable selector for the larger venues.
Features include:
Touch button operation
Large 6" number audience display
Plays 1-75, 80, 90
Bingo Snowball facility
Total recall of numbers called
Number of calls displayed
Carry handle
12 months parts and labour warranty

Our Price £299.00 + VAT

Tele Bingo
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Tele Bingo - The complete professional video bingo System for your club
Features include:
Bingo 17” LCD flat screen
Complete in built Ticket validation system. Whereby all participants will see the winning ticket on screen – eliminating the manual checking
Numbers displayed to caller before audience - Displays prize money
Flashing jackpot number Plays 1-75, 1-80 and 1-90 bingo
All numbers saved if power fails - Optional additional LED or LCD display
6 Digit Raffle - Selects up to 500 winning Nos - Optional repeat & non repeat - Recall feature - Timer can adjust the length of spin
Tote double - Tote treble - Selects numbers between 0-199
Repeat or non repeat numbers
Bonus Ball Lotto
Selects numbers in similar way to national lottery - Selects numbers between 1-99
Our Price £999.00 + VAT
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    6 digit, 2.5” high display Raffle function – Tote Double and Tote Treble Games Repeat and non repeat option and can hold 500 selections in memory.
    User selectable option for the playing of tunes when a number is drawn Button to show number of draws made in a game Display of entered start and finish numbers at any time during the game
    User changeable draw speed Button to show Total Number of Tickets sold
    Splash proof Keypad and separate Select Switch for increased reliability
    Factory fitted connector for optional remote Select Switch
    All these feature are adjustable by the user.
    Our Price £250 + VAT

Rosie Rosie
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Rosey Rosie Bingo Machine
Life long recall Button
1 - 90 LED Checkboard - Last Call
Full game recall - Jackpot / Snowball
Audio & Visual
audience display 110 mm height
audience display 130mm width
Height: 270mm Width 188 mm.
Super bright red audience display
Comes complete with Heavy duty Power cable.
Our Price £199 + VAT

Marco II Marco II
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Marco II
Top of the range full featured Electronic Bingo Selector System
Extra large super bright (ALGAS) block displays (Digit height 102mm) on flag pole for easy audience viewing.
Large Bright colourfull checkboard on angled console for improved viewing
Large memory gives total game recall for check-back
Full game memory retention after a mains power interuption
Our Price £529.00 + VAT
This machine is also for Hire - Click HERE to see details
Bingo Delux
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Marco Pro XL
The ideal bingo club machine with a superior audience display.
Features include:
Touch button operation
Large 7" super bright audience display
Snowball facility
Complete re-call at touch of a button
Built in memory back-up
Number of calls displayed
Plays 1-75, 80, 90 Bingo
12 months parts and labour warranty
Our Price £599.00 + VAT
housemaster Housemaster
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An ingenious, cost effective machine for small or large clubs
Giant Audience Display (180mm x 200mm) with easy to read round numerals.Robust steel case with heavy duty industrial microswitches.

Our Price £
289.00 + VAT

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Solid State Number Called Monitor

Large LED wall mounted slave number called display.Any number can be driven from the MarcoII or Marco III bingo machines.

Our Price £214.00 + VAT

Super Bingo


This low budget machine is a must for smaller clubs
Large audience display (110mm)

Our Price £210.00 + VAT


Full 90 number callers check display.
Plays either 75/80/90 games. Jackpot buzzer indicator.
Memory Retention.
Operates from a hand-held unit with display.
Free standing or wall mounted. Optional wheeled stand available - Size 500 x 1000mm

Our Price £999.00 + VAT

This machine is also for Hire - Click HERE to see details
Lucky Star
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The Ideal Compact random number selector
Full 90 number display
Large 2 sided - easier to read audience and caller display
simple 2 button operation
Jackpot feature
Sturdy metal casing
Save low voltage operation via external adapor
size 390 x 180mm

Our Price £200.00 + VAT

This machine is also for Hire - Click HERE to see details
Raffletech 3010
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Easy to set versatile raffle machine
Automatic tote generator when set to 50 or less
Built in self test and last number recall

Our Price £279.00 + VAT
Busy Bee
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All in one Bingo-Raffle-Tote machine
Jackpot/Snowball feature.
Retains games if power lost.
User Friendly operation

Our Price £425.00 + VAT

bingo equipment

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